Valle de Guadalupe Guide

Fun Things To Do

Valle de Guadalupe has been slowly creeping onto the radar of wine and food lovers across the globe. Miles of vineyards are framed by arresting desert mountains in Baja California’s alluring landscape.

In the past 30 years, farming lands have been transformed into over 100 wineries along the Ruta del Vino – the area’s Mediterranean microclimate provides perfect conditions for growing wine grapes.

Head to Viñas de Garza for deep, rich reds, or Vena Cava to sit at an outdoor bar overlooking rolling hills
covered in vines. The area’s relatively new status is accompanied by an unpretentious, low-key
atmosphere, attracting a fun, young crowd of budding oenophiles.

The laid-back atmosphere of this region favours a slow, appreciative lifestyle. Take the time to soak up
the sunshine and wander through vineyards at your own pace, or drive out to the desert mountains to
trek up rugged terrain and admire views of lush fields across the valley.

Food Attractions

As well as delicious wine, Valle de Guadalupe is the centre of the Baja Med cuisine, a fusion of Mexican meat- and cheese-based dishes with Mediterranean grilled vegetables and fresh seafood platters.

Restaurants in the valley are known for using locally sourced ingredients to create elegant, innovative
dishes – paired with a perfectly matched glass of wine. Try Deckman’s en el Mogor, a sustainable restaurant run by chef Drew Deckman. Dishes are prepared in an outdoor kitchen, and all ingredients
are harvested from the Mogor Estate surrounding the restaurant.

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