Casa Magoni

Casa Magoni is a modern Italian winery with a small and well-crafted wine selection. On weekends, it’s ideal to get here around lunch time, maybe after a couple stops in other wineries. Do a tasting, pick a bottle and go sit under the gorgeous oak tree, enjoy live music and even one of their cheese boards.

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Bodegas Santo Tomas

If you’re looking for good wine with great tradition and ambiance, this is your place. Santo Tomas happened to be our first winery ever in Valle de Guadalupe, the moment we stepped in, we realized: oh wow! Valle de Guadalupe is for real! We didn’t know what to expect and Santo Tomas totally raised the bar of what yet to come.

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Relieve is a hidden gem of a winery that we would pass by all the time and never knew of. When you approach Relieve, you are immediately amazed by how clean and beautiful the grounds are. The building is modern and beautiful.

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Misiones de California Winery

We are often asked from our guests what wineries do you recommend in the area. It is like asking what is your favorite Beatles song. There is just so many to choose from its hard to pick a favorite. So you have to answer with your top 5 favorites and even that changes like the wind when visiting new vineyards.

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Chamuyo Restaurant

Working late on the ranch on a Monday, we were looking for a restaurant that was open at 9pm. Doing a search on Yelp we came across this listing for an Argentine steakhouse in El Porvenir.

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Baja Bike Race

The Baja Bike Race is a 73 mile race and gran fondo taking on a journey through the Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s wine country!

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2019 Valle Food & Wine Festival

The Valle Food & Wine Festival was founded in 2017 by chefs Javier Plascencia and Nancy Silverton and food writer Carolina (Carolynn) Carreño.

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The food of Ensenada

The Valle de Guadalupe is great and has a lot to do, but only 30 minutes away is downtown Ensenada and all the nightlife and street food.

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Relaxing on a Saturday Afternoon

Two of of guests decided to ‘chill’ and relax on a hot Saturday afternoon in the valley. This is the true beauty and experience of Terra Monarca.

You definitely have things to do all over the region and in Ensenada, but if you want to take a nap, read a book, get away from the busy lifestyle of the city, this is the perfect place to do it.

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Morning Balloons !

While prepping the property for our guests this morning, Cisco and I woke up to this flying around the region.

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