Month: August 2019

The food of Ensenada

The Valle de Guadalupe is great and has a lot to do, but only 30 minutes away is downtown Ensenada and all the nightlife and street food.

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Relaxing on a Saturday Afternoon

Two of of guests decided to ‘chill’ and relax on a hot Saturday afternoon in the valley. This is the true beauty犀利士
and experience of Terra Monarca.

You definitely have things to do all over the region and in Ensenada, but if you want to take a nap, read a book, get away from the busy lifestyle of the city, this is the perfect place to do it.


Morning Balloons !

While prepping the property for our guests this morning, Cisco and I woke up to this flying around the region.

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The dream has come true !

2 weeks ago we signed the the letter of intent to buy and put down the down payment

3 weeks ago I came out to view the property for the first time

3 weeks and 4 days ago Zeida dropped everything and rushed down to see the property.

3 weeks and 5 days ago I noticed an ad in when of the real estate sites that had this property for sale.

4 weeks ago we were just causally looking for real estate in Ensenada.

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